Mia Mia Leadership Program


Inspired by GE’s Leadership Program, and developed by scholars of Harvard, the Mia Mia Leadership Program (MLP) is dedicated to producing the leaders of tomorrow. Unheard of in a start-up culture, the MLP program is a fast track to a career in managing people, rather than being managed. Taught by industry experts, the hands on learning and real world mentoring you avail through this program is a sure-fire confidence and CV booster. Come join us and our talented team of MLP’s and see your career take a turn for the better.

MLP 1.0

Abhishek Dahiya - IIM Indore

Shailaja Gupta - IIM Indore

Kasthala Gauthami - IIM Indore

Kanika Jolly - IIM Indore

Reshim Nakade - JBIMS

Sarthak Lad - JBIMS

Krishna Moorthy - IIT B SOM

Sai Krishna Dhondi - IIT B SOM

Gaurang Lakshane - IIT B SOM

Ragini Sundarraman - NMIMS

Nitesh Kumar - NMIMS

Rohan Shah - NMIMS

Saurabh Gupta - NMIMS


We are Mia Mia! Mia Mia was started as a hyperlocal services marketplace for just about anything and everything. However later the focus was moved to providing digital solutions to education sectors. We focus on providing digital marketing solutions which include services such as SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Ads, Quora Marketing, Online Reputation Management & much more.
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