Mia Mia

About Us

Mia Mia is a hyperlocal services marketplace for just about anything and everything you may need. From tuition classes to restaurants and even real estate agents, we have them all. Our listings grow day by day with more and more options and sectors being covered! Simplify your lives by signing up with Mia Mia to look for anything and everything you could possibly need!

Our Culture

“Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of a great team.” These are the words that we at Mia Mia live by. Everyone knows what the others are working on and there is no compartmentalization in the company. This leads to great communication between everyone; employees, interns and executives alike. Titles hold little value at Mia Mia, every person is equally important and everyone is given ample opportunity to grow and expand their horizons!

Our Story

With startups popping up in every sector and market, staying unique from the countless other startups struggling to survive is no easy task. Where most startups try to survive, we at Mia Mia are more worried about our next big leap. With a team of incredibly talented individuals from the top universities in and out of India, we make our long-term goals possible through short-term achievements. We started with a handful of people in a small office and have never looked back since, and don’t plan to either. Mia Mia for life!
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